Medline Baribrief Bariatric Adult Incontinence Briefs

Bariatric Adult Incontinence Brief, Max Absorbency

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The Medline Baribrief bariatric briefs are designed for comfort and leak protection. They are hospital-quality briefs with a high-capacity core that wicks away fluid for long-lasting dryness and odor protection.
The flexible stretch panels offer a secure and comfortable fit and offer ease of use for staff. The quiet, cloth-like outer cover feels soft and natural on the skin and the wetness indicator changes color when soiled.
Unlike incontinence underwear, these adult diaper briefs with tabs have skin-safe closures that can be repeatedly repositioned and refastened for a snug fit.

Maximum absorbency for total incontinence protection day or night.

ABSORBENCY:                                 10 – Overnight / Max
ABSORBENCY LEVEL:                    10 –  Overnight / Max
BRAND:                                              Baribrief Bariatric
LATEX FREE:                                     Yes
MATERIAL:                                        Cloth-like
OUTER MATERIAL:                           Cloth-Like
REUSABLE OR DISPOSABLE:         Disposable
SIZE OPTIONS:                                  Bariatric
TAPE TAB:                                          Hook and loop
WAIST SIZE RANGE:                         65″ – 94″
WETNESS INDICATOR:                     Color change