How often should you replace you CPAP supplies?

Replacing your CPAP/BPAP supplies is necessary to maximize proper therapy from your PAP equipment. Medicare and private insurance providers will cover replacements on a recommended schedule.

Mask frame

The frame of your mask should be replaced every three months. This will ensure cleanliness and comfort.

Mask headgear

Replacement of the headgear will be needed if it has lost its elasticity and requires you to have to tighten the straps. Headgear can be replaced every six months.

Cushions and Nasal pillows

The material of the cushions and nasal pillows will breakdown and loose its proper fit after regular use, thus creating leaks and preventing full therapy benefits. Full-face cushion should be replaced once per month and nasal cushion/pillow every two weeks.


Dust and dirt blockages will build up over time. Disposable air filters are not washable and can be replaced every two weeks. Durable reusable filters can be replaced every six months.


Whether you use heated tubing or standard tubing, it should be replaced every three months. Your tubing could be a host for bacteria build up, potentially creating an environment for respiratory infections.

Water Chamber

The water chamber can be replaced every six months.

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